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Apple is facing a continuous speculation these days, Apple 4th generation Apple TV will be updated this year, probably WWDC in June. The rumors has collected multiple features but all are hidden no one is aware with the fact. However, this new device will compete with the alternatives to Apple TV. The latest recommendation is that Apple might not update the Apple TV until June when it will host its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Apple is hobby of millions of people, the rumors indicates that Apple TV is in works so everyone must be attentive to receive all the alerts about its features.

Why Apple needs a new Apple TV

The current Apple TV was upgraded in January 2013; it was referred as third generation. On the other hand some people opines that Apple TV was updated in 2012 when company released the 3rd generation model with the still in use 1080p video, 512MB RAM and A5 chip. This also had 8GB Flash memory and the 10cm x 10cm dimensions altered whole prospect when Apple remodeled the Apple TV in March 2012. Users know very well that Apple has great deal of competition in TV field, many brands offers better features with good content as one can judge it from Apple TV alternatives.

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster opines that

release of FireTV by Amazon must limb Apple on to update the Apple TV. There is also possibility that Apple TV will become a focus product line. Another important reason why Apple needs updating is that Apple is a meagre state of the TV experience particularly cable TV. Cable TV is flawed in US so to avoid it new Apple TV is required that can beat the latest trends once again.

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