A helpdesk is the key appearance of a corporate for the customers along with a worthy source of reference for company’s global audiences. For companies it is necessary to maintain the service levels for their customers with a purpose to meet the expectations with a commitment.

ITServGroup offers flexible and scalable helpdesk services for the corporate. We provide high-level customer services to end users that allow companies to be more focused on the strategic initiatives.

Our Helpdesk Services include:

  • Tracking and Reporting Support
  • Call Management
  • Reporting & Resolution
  • Incident support
  • Call Tracking
  • Hardware Support
  • Network Support
  • Software Support
  • Network Connectivity Support
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Account Management
  • Network Connectivity Management
  • Correspondence on behalf of client
  • Email management

Helpdesk Services’ Benefits

  • Professional technical support team is available to support your business
  • Support for a specific business application
  • High first call resolution (FCR)
  • A promise that customers will receive continuous service level that suits your business requirements
  • Monitoring and reporting of service level to make better service delivery